What We Do

CCM rents an apartment or uses a common room in the community so that children, youth and adults in the surrounding apartment complexes can easily receive free homework assistance, attend supplementary educational programs, English and Bible classes.

Programs We Offer:

Homework Help

Homework assistance for 1st to 8th grade

Enabling, empowering, and equipping students

to complete homework, learn, and increase reading and math skills

Individual Tutoring

One-to-One teaching in the basics

Tutor a child - Impact a life

Enable an elementary student to function at or near grade level


English for Speakers of Other Languages for children to adults

Enable an individual to learn English

Empower an individual to achieve

Enrichment Activities

Summer Activities

Summer Group Activities

Chess Club

Boys and Girls Club

For Middle School

Fun for Middle School Students

Boys and Girls Clubs for middle school

Bible Club

For elementary kids

Club to study the Bible for Elementary kids

Bible Club for Kindergarten to 5th grade