About Us

The Problem

In DeKalb County, 140 languages and dialects are represented in the classrooms. Where we serve, schools are overcrowded, understaffed, under-resourced, old and outdated, with 35 or more students to one teacher in a class.

Many students who attend our programs are born in the US, but 85% are from illiterate, non-English speaking homes. Discouraged in school and lacking in support at home, 60% drop out by 8th grade, often either pregnant or in gangs and turn to a life of crime and violence.

Where We Come In

With two small rented apartments and a common room, we bring our volunteers and resources into the communities, currently serving 160 students every day. Our efforts have seen 94% of our students graduate from high school.

Since 1992, CCM has helped American, Cambodian, Chinese, El Salvadoran, Guatemalan, Honduran, and Vietnamese.

Transform a life. Impact a community. Change the future.

Demand for educational assistance is at an all-time high and we want to meet the needs of the community.

When you commit to tutoring a child, youth or adult at Cross-Cultural Ministries, or support us financially, you have the opportunity to transform their life, impact a community and change the future.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission

… to put God’s love into action through educational and discipleship programs to disadvantaged children, youth and adults in community-based centers in partnership with individuals, churches and organizations.

Our Vision

…to enable children, youth and adults realize their potential and empower them to achieve their goals

  • Each student will learn skills and perform at grade level and complete their education
  • Provide educational and enrichment activities for all students and adults
  • Provide opportunities for community service and outreach by churches organizations and individuals. We are a platform for churches, organizations & individuals in their mission outreach
  • Provide a safe environment in the community for the children to learn and grow
  • Support the local school by providing homework assistance and encouraging parental involvement
  • Provide opportunities for the children and adults to hear* about and receive Jesus Christ as their Savior
  • Multiply spiritual, mentoring and discipleship programs in other apartment complexes

Core Principles

Here are some of the core values we teach

  • Respect for self and others
  • Safe environment
  • Integrity in all our relationships and resources
  • Follow Scripture in every area of our lives

The mottos we live by are

  • Tutor a child … Change a life
  • Mentor a child … Impact the future
  • Tutor and Change a Life

Students learning and being tutored in a classroom