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August/September 2017

From distributing school supplies to the start of school to the solar eclipse to
Hurricane Irma, it’s been an incredible 2 months for everyone! From Pre-K through 8th
grade, there are 95 students actively participating each week, with 27 volunteers and 2
missionary staff serving them!

July 2017


“Sallie” is a good student but has had to overcome challenges. She faithfully attended our after-school program beginning in the 1st grade, participated in our Bible club, and summer events. She was involved with the middle and high school girls’ club until she started work at 16. Read more >>

April 2017

The school year 2016-2017 is almost over! It’s been an incredible year assisting and ministering to students, from pre-K through 9th grade. There have been: intense study and projects completed in the fall, a December team from Dunwoody Baptist, Christmas parties, a college team ministering in January, Valentine cards, and Easter egg hunts. Now, there are 4 weeks of school and our cookout is on the last day of school, May 25th. Read more >>


January 2016

Because you and other people gave, the children were blessed with gifts, food, laughter, and the gospel of Christ Jesus! Thank you! Thank you!

We are humbled by the love and support for the children, youth and adults by so many during the year, especially at Christmas. This ministry could not continue to demonstrate the love of Christ through educational and discipleship programs without the ongoing support of volunteers and
donors. THANK YOU for making all this possible! READ MORE >>

March 2016

The Easter season means Easter egg hunts and sharing the resurrection of Christ with the children and teens. That also means a lot of plastic eggs to fill with candy, coins or other small items.

Can you fill 25 to 100 eggs? If so, please email, call or text Virginia to let her know you can and arrange to pick up the eggs. READ MORE >>

June 2016

Summer is a time to do something different. We’ve gone from Easter egg hunts, preparing for the Georgia Milestone Test to End-of-the-School-
Year cookout to vacation Bible school and summer clubs. Soon, we will be preparing for the upcoming school year. READ MORE >>

July 2016

Cross-Cultural Ministries has given school supplies each year to economically disadvantaged, at-risk students as they head back to school. This year we hope to do so again, but we need your help. You are critical to all that we do to minister to the Chamblee-Doraville community. Through partnering with us, you are impacting lives in your neighborhood. READ MORE >>


October 2015

When school started, the school bus for the elementary students changed pick-up and drop off location. For decades, the school bus has picked up on the Pearl Lane side of our ministry center; this year, the students had to walk across the street, which endangered them. The parents spoke unsuccessfully to the bus drivers. Then, they asked Virginia to help them get it changed. READ MORE >>

July 2015

As school starts August 10th in DeKalb County, we have numerous opportunities to demonstrate the love of God to the children, youth and adults in the Chamblee-Doraville area. Prayerfully consider how you can impact and change lives through your giving of time and resources. The link below details those opportunities. READ MORE >>

May 2015

The Friday, May 22, “End-of-the-School-Year Celebration” Cookout was fabulous with food, fellowship and fun! Besides all the hot dogs and hamburgers, parents brought tamales, tostados, pasta salad, rice, chips and drinks. READ MORE >>

April 2015

Trusting God’s provision, we stepped out in faith and signed a 15 month lease with Don Juan Apartments, effective April 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016, so that we could remain at our location for the remainder of this school year and next school year. READ MORE >>

February 2015

Because of your support, CCM has been at the same duplex serving the community of newcomers to the United
States since 1992. But that is in jeopardy of changing because of new owners who are doubling our rent from $300 to $600 a month. Without an increase in monthly contributions, we will have to move and find another way to minister to the community. READ MORE >>

Easter Egg Hunt

Lots of fun and excitement for the children as they get ready to rush to pick up the eggs that are filled with candy, toys, stickers, or coins. READ MORE >>

School Supply Distribution

Thanks to all who gave, CCM distributed 123 bags of school supplies, individually prepared for each student on Friday, August 7th. Five more requests were met on the following Tuesday from high and middle school students. Backpacks were also given to those who did not already have them – thanks to Dunwoody Baptist and the Johns for providing so many backpacks for the students! READ MORE >>


September 2014

How time flies! Here we are again, at the beginning of another school year.

Before school started, we distributed school supplies to students registered with us at Pearl Lane and Shallowford Garden – a total of 143 plus 20 pre-K students. We continue to provide students with paper, pencils, erasers, binders, dividers, notebooks, folders and USB flash drives. Many students received book bags provided by individuals and groups.

July 2014

School ended with a delicious cookout of hot dogs, hamburgers, tamales, chips, and salads. When Virginia turned on the sprinkler, the kids rejoiced, ran in and out, jumped up and down next to the sprinkler while we watched with laughter remembering our times as children.

March 2014

It’s Spring at last! The sun is out, the flowers are singing praises, the air is perfumed with the sweet scent of nature and the children at CCM are already filled with anticipation about the summer holidays.


July 2012
For us, summer began with the annual cookout at Pearl Lane on the last day of school. This year we added hamburgers to the usual menu of hot dogs, chips and drinks. The highlight of the cookout is the water gun blast which ends with filling cups of water and throwing the water on each other. READ MORE >>


November 2011
This is a time for preparing hearts to receive God’s gracious and powerful gift of love for each of us. At our Good News Club, we have been studying Moses and the delivery of the Jews from Egyptian slavery. After Thanksgiving, we will get ready for the Christ-mas celebrations.

September 2011
Summer began with Renovation Church hosting an afternoon for the children at the Pearl Lane Ministry Center: games, songs, Bible lesson. Griffin Gibson led the group & taught the lesson. Thanks for coming to enrich the lives of the children! READ MORE >>

July 2011
Cross-Cultural Ministries has given students some supplies each year as they head back to school. This year we hope to do so again, but we need your help. You are critical to all that we do to minister to the Chamblee-Doraville community. Through partnering with us, you are impacting and changing lives. READ MORE >>

June 2011
It’s been a great school year! We served 74 students at Pearl Lane and 19 at Shallowford Garden Apts. There were 16 pre-k children in our new morning class, which met 2 days a week. READ MORE >>

January 2011
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the children are busy making cards and crafts after they complete their homework. So much excitement between school and the center. The first big event at the center is the Christmas play at the Good News Club. It’s an exciting day for the children who dress up and perform for the youngest ones. READ MORE >>


September 2010
The summer began with the cookout on the last day of school. Thanks again to those who helped, especially Ralph who manned the grill and showed several of the boys how to cook… Water guns & water fights kept the children busy long after the food ran out. Great way to end the school year and begin summer! READ MORE >>

February 2010
Imagine…… your mother doesn’t come home, and you are 12 and responsible for 2 younger siblings. You have no food, no phone and of course no transportation. After the 6th day you find out your mom is in jail. She never told the authorities she had children. Then the landlord comes over and informs you that your family is being evicted in 2 days!

January 2010 – Review of December 2009 at Pearl Lane
December 19, we had a Las Posadas at Pearl Lane with “all our children” in biblical costumes. We reenacted the Christmas story using 6 different carports of our families on Pearl Lane. READ MORE >>


November 2009 – What’s Happening
As Sandee walked down Cary Reynolds’ hall, a 3rd grade teacher pulled her aside to joyfully share about one of her students that CCM tutors. The boy was the only 1 who made 100 on a test! At the beginning of last school year, he did not read on a 1st grade level, could not phonically sound out words, did not know basic sight words, and did not want to study. READ MORE >>

October 2009 – School and Baptism
School has begun again, but it seems like a couple of weeks ago that we had our cookout celebrating the end of school. But it was more than that and it was a great summer for the us and the children! READ MORE >>


October 2008 – New School Year
September began a new year for the Pearl Lane after-school program. Parents with pleading eyes brought their children to the center asking us to tutor them. With very limited English, limited knowledge of our educational system, limited education and reading skills in Spanish, they are unable to help their children. As parents of children in pre-K and Kindergarten become more aware of Cross-Cultural Ministries, the requests for assistance also increase…

May 2008 – Volunteers and Partnerships
One of the key reasons I chose to partner with CCM is because I find in them a ministry of like mind, a ministry that seeks to meet the practical needs of people, a ministry that focuses on relationship (doing things with people vs doing things for them), and a ministry that desires to serve the least of these, particularly those from other parts of the world. This is really where my passion lies and what I feel God has called me to do. READ MORE >>

April 2008 – Eggs, Plastic Eggs, and More Eggs
During the weeks before Easter, we talked about what the egg represents (new life in Christ) and why we hide eggs. Just as the children rejoiced when they found the eggs, in the same way, we rejoiced in Christ and His Resurrection. One of the 3rd grade boys shared that he thinks of the eggs as the tomb of Jesus and whatever is inside is a treasure, like Jesus is our treasure. READ MORE >>

January 2008 – Christmas and Fall 2007 in Review
As Virginia walked some of the kindergarteners home after a reading of Christ’s birth, “J” said that he did not believe it was true; it was all just a story. We prayed for “J” to hear and believe… READ MORE >>


May 2007 – Baby Dedication and Graduations
Baby Jayden was born a few weeks early, which delayed the baby shower until after he was 6 weeks old. Before he was born, the father began to talk about his fears and inadequacy to care for his son, his wife and mother. He had dropped out of church several years ago and had done well, but now with the responsibility of raising a son, he saw his need for Christ and the wisdom of God. READ MORE >>


June 2006 – Support Letter
At CCM, we love to tell the story about Jesus. We also have many stories about the people whose lives are being transformed by the love, mercy and grace of God. These people are being touched because of your prayers and financial support. This first story is of a family with whom Gladys and I are working. READ MORE >>

May 2006 – Sammy’s Story
May is always an exciting time filled with high school and college graduations, parties, fifth grade and kindergarten luncheons and promotions. Let me tell you about one delightful boy. To protect his identity, we’ll call him Sammy. READ MORE >>